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Purgatory IV Film Exhibition

purgatory / n / an intermediate place or state of temporary suffering for expiatory purification

Within the word “purgatory”, it is easy to envision condemned souls, torment and darkness. However, purgatory may also reflect the cyclic state in which we often rediscover or recreate ourselves anew from within our personal inflictions. Sometimes it is the necessary stage to exorcise ourselves from the haunting ghosts of the past. Perhaps it is the serene place of self reflection and realization.

From within this, DAMNED proudly presents an exhibition of powerful cinema called Purgatory. Held on March 7th & 8th 2014 at the Tangent Gallery in Detroit, Purgatory will present approximately 90 minutes of short films of introspective, emotive and/or enlightened subject matters from filmmakers worldwide. This is not an industry-focused film festival, but a tributary showcase of the often redemptive films from the filmmaker’s personal collections.

NOW FEATURING…THE DAMNED BAZAAR – Come in early before the show and visit the DAMNED Bazaar featuring over a dozen local DAMNED artists selling their own merchandise, prints and original art. Help support local artists! (Contact us for reserving your Bazaar space)

Admission is $10 and $5 for students with valid ID. This event is 18+ due to mature/disturbing art and film content. A cash bar is also present for alcoholic (and non) pleasures and free popcorn!

Purgatory IV – A Cinematic Exploration of the Soul
Fri March 07 – Bazaar 6p-midnight – Showtimes 7p & 9p
Sat March 08 – Bazaar 4p-midnight – Showtimes 5p, 7p & 9p

Tangent Gallery/Hastings Ballroom, 715 E Milwaukee, Detroit

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The Purgatory IV Film Schedule


“Cobwebs” – Dark Forest Media (2013 Michigan 4mins)
A trip into a dark decrepit basement through the eyes of a feline.

“Black Shoes” – Gabrielle Pescador (2014 Michigan 2mins)
A narrative of loss and mourning in which a woman discovers a pair of black shoes on her mother’s grave.

“Esophagus” – Wes Hudson (2011 North Carolina 6mins)
With the aid of his inner demons, a young man attempts to abandon memories.

“7 Dreams” – Alex Capatoiu (2012 Romania 11mins)
7 nightmares collected from 7 people living in 7 different places on earth.

“The Flying Man” – Marcus Alqueres (2012 Canada 10mins)
A new superhero is coming, only this time it’s on his terms.

“The Guest” – Jovanka Vuckovic (2013 Canada 5mins)
A man must face the consequences of a mysterious bargain he has made.

“Love Thy Neighbor” – R-Team (2013 Michigan 7mins)
A man in love with his neighbor discovers her disappearance.

“Genesis 2:26″ – Daniel Pace (2011 USA/Cyprus 1min)
Adam and Eve have just tasted the Forbidden Fruit and Eve envisions more than she had ever anticipated.


“Güm” – Noam Sussman (2012 Canada 2mins)
The bizarre consequences of swallowing gum.

“Never Leave The House” – Colm McCarthy (2013 Wisconsin/Ireland 4mins)
In Dublin in 1923, a recovering alcoholic shuts himself away in a attempt to resist temptation.

“Reflection: A Self Portrait” – Iris Eaton (2012 California 2mins)
A self portrait in moving form.

“Topo Glassato Al Cioccolato” – Donato Sansone (2012 Italy 3mins)
It’s an dreamlike, dark and surreal vision in which the same elements swirl around, running after themselves in a infinite scene.

“An Egression” – Ryan Burtney (2014 Michigan 4mins)
When every outlet appears beyond our means we must nurture what lies near.

“5th Stage” – Karolina Malinowska (2011 United Kingdom/Australia 9mins)
Danny undergoes changes leading towards the 5th stage of metamorphosis and the world of self-discovery.

“The Captured Bird” – Jovanka Vuckovic (2012 Canada 8mins)
A little girl is drawn to a mysterious mansion where she witnesses the birth of terrifying apparitions.

“In Dreams” – Samuel Blain (2012 United Kingdom 3mins)
An experimental documentary that visualizes the most vivid, memorable dreams of ordinary individuals.

“Process” – Pluto (2013 Michigan 2mins)
A short piece revealing what happens inside a person’s head while going through the ideation and creation process.

“Parallels” – Alexey Rumyantsev (2010 Tajikistan 3mins)
We are getting less concerned about harmony among us, however nature is still trying to draw our attention.

“This Vacuum is Too Loud” – Gus Péwé (2012 Michigan 6mins)
The story of a man who finds himself lost on Earth, determined to return home.