Our deepest of DAMNED gratitudes…


The lights are now dark, the art removed from the walls and the decor placed away for next year. We wish to heartfully thank everyone who made the 9th annual DAMNED Exhibition a tremendous success. We can never truly convey with mere words the DAMNED gratitude we feel for you all, from the helpers who put everything together, to the performers/musicians who provided the amazing ambiance, to the artists for their incredible creations, and the wonderful patrons who made this a truly memorable event. We are sadden that it needed to end, but our comfort lies within the light that is already beginning glowing for next year’s production.

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Thank you all again from the unfathomed depths of our DAMNED hearts and we look forward to see you all next year (or at our other upcoming events).

FOR PHOTOGRAPHS, please visit the DAMNED IX Facebook event page for links to various galleries from our photographer friends and patrons until we are able to add them to the DAMNED gallery.

(Photo: Satori Circus by Christopher Moeller)



And to you amazing DAMNED patrons and online fans who purchased raffle tickets for the Atelier Gothique fundraiser, THANK YOU!

With your generosity, we raised $1336 for Burners without Borders Detroit, which will greatly help to purchase much needed basic-need supplies (canned goods, water, toiletries, underclothing, gloves, blankets, etc) to create hundreds of survival backpacks for those on our cold streets and not in the crowded homeless shelters. This is real-life grassroots community “giving” by volunteers in the true spirit of the word with no corporate management profiteering and your generosity makes this happen!

Want to make a difference in Detroit, help those in need, make new friends and be a part of something truly special? We invite you to attend their backpacking party to put all the supplies together for later distribution!

11/27 Burners Without Borders Detroit Homeless Backpacking Event!!

And if you are not a fan of their page already, please do so to be notified of their other events and backpacking parties:

Burners without Borders Detroit

Thank you again and remember: Be the change you wish to see in Detroit!

P.S. Much heartfelt DAMNED gratitudes goes to Dekilah and the DAMNED Devil Girls & Guys (Jessica, Justine, Lyndsay, Lynn, Mike, Rachel, Ryan &Yana) for their hard work in selling over 300 raffle tickets during the event to make this a reality. Without you all, this can never happen each DAMNED year. And tremendous gratitude goes to Atelier Gothique for their generous donation of their fine alternative jewelry to the raffle each year! Please check out their work at: http://www.ateliergothique.com/