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Noche de los Muertos

On Saturday November 2nd 2013, el Diablos de DAMNED will not have their fill so we are throwing an afterparty “Dia de los Muertos” style!!! (That’s “Day of the Dead” for you gringos.)

“NOCHE DE LOS MUERTOS: TRES” (Night of the Dead 3) is a festive party for the DAMNED crew, performers and artists but friends, family, lovers and acquaintances are also invited.  Hell, everyone is invited!

Q: What’s in the works?
A: Gracias for asking! How about:

+ A galleria of “Day of the Dead” art (click here for the call for art)
+ Awesomely bad Mexican films in Hi-Fi and on a 10ft screen!
+ Swanky Latin lounge music all night…in the lounge
+ Authentic Mexican food…and churos!
+ Cervesa and Sangria drink especiales
+ A piñata (the beat up kind) with candy and plastic blingery!
+ Festive muertos decor, calavera sweets and more!!!

Q: Wait…do I need to come in Day of the Dead face makeup?
A: No, but you may look like a gringo without it. However, if you so desire, we will have a face painter there to calavera your face!

Q: Can I come as a zombie instead?
A: DOTD is not zombie!!! Google “Day of the Dead” or “calavera” for some colorful ideas.

ON A SERIOUS NOTE: If you have loved ones that have passed, feel free to bring a small photocopied or printed photo for our “ofrenda altar” so we may honor their memory with a silent toast at midnight. This is the true spirit behind Day of the Dead. Also, feel free to bring a few fresh colorful flowers to help us flourish the ofrenda.

Noche de los Muertos – November 2nd 2013 – 7pm until midnight – 18+

Tangent Gallery, 715 E Milwaukee, Detroit, MI 48202

Admission is:

- Free for DAMNED teardown volunteers
- $5 for amigos in DOTD makeup/ensembles
- $10 for gringos without

¡¡¡Viva el partido!!!

Feel free to visit the Muertos Facebook event page at:

¡¡¡Noche de los Muertos 3 – A DAMNED Day of the Dead Afterparty!!!