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The premier DAMNED exhibition on Devil’s Night 2008 was a tremendous success!  Nearly 1,000 patrons arrived to view 178 original works from 75 artists across the country and overseas.  The night was tinged with intimate exotic vignettes throughout the evening with more elaborate productions within the grand ballroom into the night.

2008 Art

2008 Ambiance

2008 Performances

DAMNED II in 2009 was even greater with a second night added…a formal masquerade ball preceded by a presentation-style 6-course dinner of aphrodisiac-inspired cuisine! Nearly 2,000 patrons arrived over both nights to view 220 original works from 140 artists across the country and overseas including special guests Marilyn Manson and HR Giger.

2009 Art

2009 Ambiance

2009 Performances

2009 Masq Dinner

2009 Masq Ball

Near halfway to DAMNED on May 20-22 2010, we decided exhibit a medium that we are unable to do so at DAMNED by creating a sister event called the Purgatory Film Exhibition27 short films of deeply introspective subject matters from 28 filmmakers across the world provided a fascinating showcase of the diverse human experience including special guests the Brothers Quay, Brian Viveros, Voltaire, the Soviet Film Agency and many others.  The intermissions were also filled with amazing experimental performance theatre by Satori Circus, Warrior Girl, Xaina, Visions of Detroit, Marcus Works and London Britches as well as cross-media video art installations by Detronik and Studio-X.

In 2010, DAMNED III expanded to three nights of art, performance and masquerade.  180 original works from 130 artists across the country and overseas including special guests Leonard Nimoy and the late Marcel Marceau.


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