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Devil Girls


Our DAMNED Devil Girls…what can we say about them? Our hostesses with the most-est full of sugar and spice both naughty and nice! However, along with being a tempting part of the DAMNED ambiance, they are also our gallery associates here to provide information on our featured art and artists. They are also helping to sell raffle tickets for the Atelier Gothique Fundraiser/Detroit Deconstruction Skull Ring giveaway that benefits the homeless friends on our city streets. Let’s meet the DAMNED Devil Girls…

Lushes Lushes
If I look familiar, it may be because I am one of the original Devil Girls.  It may also be because, as whirlwind of an artist, I  display my feminine qualities as an international published pin-up, fine art model, and Detroit’s premier burlesque headliner.
Lyndsay Lyndsay
New to the Devil Girl scene, I’m ready to delight and serve. Along with the other gals, we’ll make this the best DAMNED show around.
Meridith Meridith
I am excited to sinfully serve you at this years show. I can also be found throughout Detroit modeling, singing with my band and doing hair and makeup.
Rabbit Rabbit
With a love for performing, I have been in the Detroit art scene for the last 9 years modeling, playing with fire and putting on shows. DAMNED is put on by some of my favorite people in Detroit and I look forward to having a sinfully good time every year!
Sara Sara
A silly sinner, delightfully DAMNED.
Sarah Sarah
Pleased to serve you with a devilish smile and a DAMNED good time.
Tyger Tyger
Devilish from top to bottom, I am red haired vixen that will entwine you around my fingers. New to the Devil Girls, I am a model, photographer and graphic designer. DAMNED excited about this year’s show!
And for the ladies, the Devil Guys!
Licentious Licentious
When not working at DAMNED, I am often found propped next to lovely fetish models.  More recently, I’ve been taking my own photos, which you just may see on the DAMNED wall too.  I’ve loved this show from the beginning and look forward to helping you have a great time again this year!
Ryan Ryan
Enjoy your day.

Devil Girl ensembles are courtesy of:

THU&FRI: (tbd) – BALL: (tbd)

Hair and Makeup provided graciously by (tbd)